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Yenidünya Astvadzadour Pasha [ Astvadzadour Pasha Yenidünyayan ],1830-1899 was one of the four legendary Qodjabashi or Ishkhans of Zeytoun – his ruled quarter in Zeytoun was called Yuqari Mahallesi or Verin Tagh , also referred to as Yenidünya sector or Sourp Lousavoritch church community of Zeytoun. He was one of the 3 leaders/organizers of the first 1862 Uprising of Zeytoun, along with Ishkhanabed Hazor Shorvoglian and Movses Khatchougentz priest of Zeytoun against Turkish hordes of Remzi Pasha and other Tcherquez and Türkmen irregular militia; he was the paternal uncle of Yenidünya Babik Pasha and his younger brother Yenidünya Nazareth Tchavoush. Yenidünya Asadour Pasha was one of the 4 Ishkhans of Zeytoun during the 1895-1896 Grand Uprising against the Ottoman Turkish oppressors along with Nazareth Agha Sourenian Ishkhan, Megerdich Agha Yakoubian Ishkhan and Ishkhanabed Ghazaros Agha Shovroghlian . One of the bravest and most noble Armenians of Zeytoun remains a legend in his own right.