Who we are

Ov enk in Armenian means Who are we?

With the help of Armenian photographs, collected by the Armenian Memory Institute, you can share your questions with other OVENK users.

OVENK.COM is a free online archive service offered by the Armenian Memory Institute (AMI – former Research Center on the Armenian Diaspora – CRDA – set up in 1976), a nonprofit organization founded in 2002 by Jean-Claude Kebabdjian.

Starting from 2013, the Armenian Memory Institute (AMI) digitalized and integrated part of its archives (photographs, books, newspapers, postal cards collected since 1976) to show them to the public. As nothing comes without a cost, even on the internet, this work alone represents thousands of hours of benevolent work made by patient and hard-working people. 92% of the pictures currently displayed on OVENK.COM come from the Armenian Memory Institute (AMI) collection and digitalization.

To simplify the use of the website, we are showing pictures in low resolution. If you are looking for higher resolution version of a specific picture, please note that we will ask for a donation to help us pursue our work.

Pictures on OVENK.COM that come from the Armenian Memory Institute collection are tagged “AMI Collection”, whereas those from contributors are tagged with the name of these contributors.

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