Alan Nalbandian

Mardiros Nalbandian, director of the Getronagan

Was he a relative of my Grandfather Guydzhag Nalbandian? Trying to verify that my Grandfather was a resistance fighter at Musa Dagh. He was in the French Armenian Legion during WWI and we know he did not join from the US, he would travel to the US many years later in the 1920’s. 500 resistance fighters from Musa Dagh joined the French Armenian Legion. Do you know if there is a roster of the Musa Dagh survivors. Thank You.

Paola Kazandjian

My paternal grandfather: Kazanjian
My paternal grandmother: Boyajian
They were born in 1901 and 1911 respectively.
They are both from Musa Dagh.
The two surnames are mentioned in Wikipedia as “belligérants” during the uprising in Musa Dagh before being rescued by the French.

I would love to find a roster list somewhere .. as I know many of the adult relatives were Resistance fighters.

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