Arivian / Arevian

Miss Ketendjian - Ourfa

I have got a document from my grandfather, where the name of Hatoum Ktendjian appears, showing she was born in Ourfa.
The civil attestation is showing that she is my grand-grand mother, because she married the father of my grand father AREVIAN Ohannes.
Their son was named ARIVIAN Agop, born december 15th 1907.

G. Ketenjian

I am also a member of the Ketendjian family, however, we are the branch from Marash.
Does the document you received state the name of Hatoum Ketendjian’s parents?


I’d like to learn more about Lucia from Ourfa who lived there if not mistaken around early 1890’s to 1914-1916 ? I do not know her maiden name. She had two sons. She was known for being a natural medicinal healer and midwife.
Thank you.


there is ketenjian surname in ourfa archives.have you ever hear also Toros ketenjian name? his daughter name is khan?m ketenjian

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