Looking for family or descendants…

Yervand Gasparyan

this is my grandfather and my uncle Shoghik Gasparyan Hello! This is my great-grandfather. My dad is named after the son and my uncle is named after the father, his grandfather. If it is possible could we please get in contact to see if you have more pictures of my family. Thank you very much!
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Houry Minakyan

yacobian family from damascus I think is related to my grandma and would like to know what part of turkey they are from and my grandma married Dr. Keklikian’s cousin who is from hack any one know about the family? Sylva Keshishian Hi Houry, Are you related to Mardiros Minakyan, the famous ...
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Peter Magian

I would like to connect with you about the Kapamadjian family. Please email me at My name is Peter Magian. I also have a family tree at Regards Peter Teresa I don’t know but could you write your last name in armenian? My last name is KURTUKIAN.
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Hagop Mouradian

CSW, could you please contact me. I am under the impression that my family, the Mouradians, were from Chunkush and Pazmashen. Bekkah Morris Long shot, but Hagop & Mary – I’m looking for more information on my Mooradian & Attarian family from Chunkush then later Harput & Malatya. If ...
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Zaven Der Ghazarian

Dear follow cousins,We are original Armenians from Pakarich village, near Erzinga, Turkey. As I know my grand father, Mihran Genocide survivor, died 1978, in Serbia. I hope We are some relatives! In expecting some answer from You.Sincerely,Zaven Silva K My paternal grandmother Keghetzig Der ...
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