Looking for family or descendants…

Peter Magian

I would like to connect with you about the Kapamadjian family. Please email me at My name is Peter Magian. I also have a family tree at Regards Peter Teresa I don’t know but could you write your last name in armenian? My last name is KURTUKIAN.
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Hagop Mouradian

CSW, could you please contact me. I am under the impression that my family, the Mouradians, were from Chunkush and Pazmashen. Bekkah Morris Long shot, but Hagop & Mary – I’m looking for more information on my Mooradian & Attarian family from Chunkush then later Harput & Malatya. If ...
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Zaven Der Ghazarian

Dear follow cousins,We are original Armenians from Pakarich village, near Erzinga, Turkey. As I know my grand father, Mihran Genocide survivor, died 1978, in Serbia. I hope We are some relatives! In expecting some answer from You.Sincerely,Zaven Silva K My paternal grandmother Keghetzig Der ...
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