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Margo W. Arroyo (Karabilikian-Encababian)

My father, Hagop Karabilikian/Karabelikian, and his 3 older sisters were from Amasya. Their father Avedis Karabilikian and mother Karabilikian/Karabelikian (née Bakdamurian) perished in the genocide. My grandfather Avedis was a textile merchant on the Silk Road. My father arrived in the USA in ...
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Vahe Achikian

The correct name is Hunchak Abardyan of Zeytun. The Abardyan clan used to be one of the ruling feudal “Ishkhans” of Zeytun, but in the early 1800’s they ran afoul of the Yenidunyayan clan and were defeated and decimated. The survivors ran away to Marash and became foot soldiers and trustees for ...
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Shirley Kalashian-Collins

Interesting – they are in the same sort of outfits of an unknown man a cousin found in her closet. We have been trying to figure out who he was. This says Pazmashen, so I’m wondering if that was how they dressed in that area.
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First built in 1700 by the three Nazaretian brothers of Isfahan, Persia. Rebuilt after a fire in 1780 and the present Cathedral was built between 1873-1893. Sarkis Kadehjian was the Master Builder and the Architect was Sarkis Balian of the well known Balian family of builders in Istanbul. St. ...
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