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my father’s family was from Konya : Baghtchedjian Mamas , his widow Hripsimé , their children Avédis, Bénon, Garo, Marie my mother family also from Konya : Papazian
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Today I saw a memorial to the Armenian men who had died in London. The memorial is in the Old Camberwell cemetery in South East London. Can you tell me anything about this, how were they killed and why?
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Oshin Movsessian

Hovsep Movsessian is my grand father, he was member of Armenian revolutionary Dashnaktsutiun party member and joined the Sarkis Kukunian group after 1890 and has mission to investigate the Armenian people’s condition in Ottoman empire. The Kukunian group members be arrested by Russians and sent ...
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Avak Avakian

I actually think this is my great great grandfather David Avakian This is infact my Great-Great Grandfather, which cousin am I speaking with? I am David Avakian son of Joyce Avakian, daughter of Koch Avakian who is the son of Avak.
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Carlos Sosa

I am trying to find references related to Gohar Hagopian Goulmassian, she is my aunt. Born 1910 Teheran, her father, Zacarias Hagopian. Lived in Teheran, New York, Venezuela (Caracas)
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Diane Rumbaugh

Hi–my grandfather’s last name was Zambakjian. Where was this taken? Zambakdjian Hello , I am also Zambakdjian ! Do you have more information about this family, which city did they come from? Thank you ! Henning-Zambakdjian Hello ! I would like to know where was the photo taken as we are ...
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