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Carlos Sosa

I am trying to find references related to Gohar Hagopian Goulmassian, she is my aunt. Born 1910 Teheran, her father, Zacarias Hagopian. Lived in Teheran, New York, Venezuela (Caracas)
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Diane Rumbaugh

Hi–my grandfather’s last name was Zambakjian. Where was this taken? Zambakdjian Hello , I am also Zambakdjian ! Do you have more information about this family, which city did they come from? Thank you ! Henning-Zambakdjian Hello ! I would like to know where was the photo taken as we are ...
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Christine Agopian-Taylor

This is my Granny’s Great Uncle, her maiden name was Tevian then married Balthazar G Agopian in 1897In Smyrna. They had siblings Marie Taqui and my Father Charles. Left Smyrna in 1906 with Great Granny and Grandpa Agopian to reside in DidsburyManchester, England where the family stayed ...
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Erik Baloyan

My Grandfather was the Head Pharmacist at the Anny Tracy Riggs Hospital. My Grandmother worked there too.Any information regarding this hospital? What became of it?Archives?Mugerdich Giragos Baloyan ( Dec 1915)Mariam Pashgian
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John McDonald

I think he was my grandfather’s brother. How can I get more information on the monastery or when he might have studied there? Simon Hello, my great uncle’s name was also Apraham Arabian and he was also from Gesaria. He was born around 1912. It’s possible that they may have been relatives. Do ...
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