Armenian people

Armenian people are large families living in a geographical area named the Armenian Highlands. They are Indo-European and speak the Armenian language. Most of them stayed in the territories of Greater Armenia (Medz Hayk or Armenia Maior or Armenia Megale were the names given to these lands by the Armenian, Greek, Roman and Byzantine geographers) and Lesser Armenia (Armenia Mikra or Armenia Brakhytera or Armenia Minor). Armenians have played a major role in disseminating ideas, technologies and science. They were at the crossroads of trade routes, such as the Silk Road.

Armenian people can be identified by name, first name. The difficulty of the host countries in understanding the Armenian sounds may have caused changes to the Armenian last names. The spoliation of properties and destruction of documents may have caused the alteration or the loss of the Armenian last name for the youngest survivors. In the worst case, it is advisable to rely on the place of origin.