Christine Agopian-Taylor

Catholicos Matthew II Izmirlian

This is my Granny’s Great Uncle, her maiden name was Tevian then married Balthazar G Agopian in 1897
In Smyrna. They had siblings Marie Taqui and my Father Charles. Left Smyrna in 1906 with Great Granny and Grandpa Agopian to reside in Didsbury
Manchester, England where the family stayed until
their passing. Buried in Southern Cemetry Chorlton
Manchester but my Father was cremated in Stockport. His sister also cremated and is in Woodford Church, near Bramhall but Taqui is buried also with my Mother Dorthy same cemetry.

I am convinced by the photo I have of Matthew Izmirlian after death, confirmed by Taqui on the back of the photo he is my relative and all ties in with his history of exile to Jerusalem then was allowed back to Constantinople and became Catholicos for 18 months before he sadly died aged 65 yrs. The only information I had been told was about his exile to Jerusalem and the family for obvious reasons…. never acknowledged his last years probably because were afraid I draw my own conclusions why my family needed to protect themselves!

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