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Making a Contribution

The Armenian Diaspora Memory Institute (ADMIN) honors the intentions of generous donors and the involvment of OVENK.COM contributors who trust the platform and care about the same issues we do.

You can learn more about making a contribution by contacting us here.

Contributions must follow the guidelines laid out below:

  • Contributions can be made via check or PayPal.
  • We cannot accept contributions by phone.
  • Contributions should not be used for specific purposes or include conditions or contigencies.
  • We cannot accept those made by for-profit companies or government entities.

The Armenian Diaspora Memory Institute (ADMIN) and OVENK.COM are humbled by those who wish to join us and defend Armenian memory, culture and history. However, a contribution does not entitle donors to participate in Institute or OVENK.COM decision-making.

The Armenian Diaspora Memory Institute (ADMIN) reserves the right to decline contributions, even if they meet the guidelines laid out above. We also reserve the right to change our guidelines at any time and to make exceptions to our guidelines in special circumstances.

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