Huntsman, that on the Hills above, by Avetik Isahakian

” HUNTSMAN, that on the hills above
     To hunt the deer hast been,
Tell me, I pray thee, if my love—
     My wild deer thou hast seen ?

” He sought the hills his grief to quell—
     My darling love, my sun.
He wandered out upon the fell,
     My flower, my only one. “

” Maiden, I saw your lover true,
     All girt with red and green.
Upon his breast a rose tree grew
     Where once your kiss had been. “

” Huntsman, I pray, who is the bride
     Of my beloved, my sun ?
Who tends him, watching by his side,
     My flower, my only one ? “

” Maiden, I saw him with his head
     Upon a stone at rest.
And for his love, a bullet red
     Into his heart was pressed.

” The mountain breeze caressingly
     Played with his jet-black hair,
And blossoms wept unceasingly
     Your flower, your lover there. “

Armenian legends and poems by Zabelle C. Boyajian and Aram Raffi, London & New York, 1916.

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