Jonathan Varjabedian

Sinanian family - Everek

Can anybody tell me more about this picture? Such as, when it was taken, or the names of the individuals pictured.
I am a descendant of Haroutiun Sinanian of Evereg-Fenesse

Susan Sinanian Garabedian

Jonathon, I just saw this: Yes I can tell you every one in this picture. Haroutiun Sinanian is your great great grandfather and my great grandfather. He is seated with the hat on, and his wife (great grandmother) is seated with child on her lap. I can tell you who all the others are as the picture was my dad’s whose father was Garabed Sinanian.

Jonathan Varjabedian

That’s great. I was hoping that that was him. Do you know if there is a better copy of this photo anywhere?
So, Haroutiun’s wife, I believe was Takouhi. I don’t know her maiden name, though.
Can you please tell me who else is in that photo? Do you know any more about it?
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Thanks so much

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