Knirig Torikian son

Garabed Agha Kaloustian and family - 1896 or 1897

Hi my mother told me that her mothers was Kaloustian before she was married to a Torikian, I wonder if we are related.

Diana Bantel

I don’t recognize any of the faces, but then I would never have seen those relatives. The older lady holding the young boy in front of her, does bear a strong resemblance to my aunt, but of course, it is not her. Have you heard whether she was from Arapkir? There is really no way of knowing if we are related.

Armond Kaloust

I am trying to find out if this is my great grandfather. If anyone knows about this picture and who each person is I would like to know. I know my great grandfather was a tobacco broker, had a brother, his mother was French and he started the Armenian school in cairo

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