Margo W. Arroyo (Karabilikian-Encababian)

Ipranosian family - Amasia 1902

My father, Hagop Karabilikian/Karabelikian, and his 3 older sisters were from Amasya. Their father Avedis Karabilikian and mother Karabilikian/Karabelikian (née Bakdamurian) perished in the genocide. My grandfather Avedis was a textile merchant on the Silk Road. My father arrived in the USA in 1920, under his sister’s (Varteni) married name Yazmajian/ Yazmadjian and later changed his name to Arthur James White.
Can anyone remember or did anyone know anything of my paternal family? This tragic event left so many victims; Victims who lost their sense of identity and belonging; voids and gaps in the continuity of the past; no past to be known. In its entirety it left many difficulties in building new foundations and moving on. “Stuck in the mud forever”. If you are aware of this name, even a thread, please write me.

The father’s name was not Bedros but was Avedis Karabilikian. Please, if anyone has information on the Karabilikian family from Amasya, I eagerly await your reply. Thank you.

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