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Vahé Achikian

The above photo is of Megerdich Yakoubian, the Ishkhan (Qodjabashi) of Zeytoun’s Qarghalar Tagh ( Mahallé ), photo taken in Istanbul in January 1896.

Vahé Achikian

Meguerditch Agha Yaqoubian, 1806 – 1872 is photographed here in 1865, Istanbul, in the building of the Constantinople Armenian Patriarchate. Meguerditch Agha was the son of Astvadzadour Agha Yaqoubian and the grandson of “Khoy” Hacob Yaqoubian, the founder of the Yaqoubian princely clan in 1781 after he valiantly killed the vile Turkish invasion leader on Zeytoun, Ömer Pasha in 1780. His grandson Lévon Agha Yaqoubian 1846- 1914 and after 1914, his other grandson Kirkor Agha Yaqoubian were the last Aghas of the Qarghelar Mahallési or Sourp Sarkis Taghamas of the southern end of Zeytoun; Meguerditch Agha Yaqoubian was one of 5 brave leaders of Armenian defenders of Zeytoun during the invasion of Aziz Pasha and Miralay Ali Bey’s müslüman Tcherquez, Turk and Turkmen hordes on Zeytoun in 1862 summer. My own grandfather Vartevar Mardirosoghlu Achikian 1888-1969 was one of his 12 armed “Qabadayi” or Zaptiyé from 1904 till 1914. “Yaquboghlu Meguerd?tch Agha” as he was known locally was one of the 4 legendary Ishkhans of Zeytoun and very much loved for his fairness, wisdom and courage as a leader by the area Armenians and turks alike.