Oshin Movsessian

Hovsep Movsessian was born in 1870 in Tabriz, Persia

Hovsep Movsessian is my grand father, he was member of Armenian revolutionary Dashnaktsutiun party member and joined the Sarkis Kukunian group after 1890 and has mission to investigate the Armenian people’s condition in Ottoman empire. The Kukunian group members be arrested by Russians and sent to exile in Sakhalin island of Siberia.. Three of them Hovsep, Yeprem and Abraham escaped from Sakhalin and after about 20,000 km journey in worst condition they reached to Tabriz city in Iran around 1896. My grand father remained there and died during 1936 in Tabriz, but Yeprem continued his revolutionary life and became one of the Iranian constitutional leaders named Yeprem Khan the Army commander. Yeprem Khan killed in one of the local wars in Hamadan during 1912 and buried in Armenian saint Mary church area in Tehran. His all belongings now are being kept in Armenian Vank cathedral museum in Esfahan.

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