Pierre Balanian

Fedayeen from Akhlat

The two in the middle are left Aram Manoukian and right Ishkhan who was assasinated at the night between the 3rd and 4th of April 1915 while heading to establish peace in Chadakh. He was asked to go by the governor of Van Jevdet, of an albanian father and kurdish mother,brother in law of Enver pasha. The same Jevdet gave the order to assassinate Ishkhan before reaching Chadakh, he was surprised while sleeping and killed with his three armenians accompagnying him. Aram Manoukian was to be the next, but he was informed of the arrest of the deputy of Van Vramian, half an hour before Aram goes to meet with Jevdet who convocated him. Later he also heared that Ishkhan was assassinated the night before.

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