Sylva Keshishian

Armenian family - Kesaria

I wonder if the little boy wearing the hat is my paternal grandfather Harutyun (Artin) Keshishian (perhaps known at the time as Ke?i?o?lu)? He was born near the turn of 1900 and died in the UK in 1974 after fleeing the genocide. Can anyone help me?

I wonder if anyone can help me – is the little boy wearing the hat perhaps my paternal grandfather Harutyun (Artin) Keshishian? (Ke?i?o?lu). He was born in Kayseri (Gesaria) around 1899/1900, fled to Cyprus, then England and then died in London in 1974. Can you shed any light on this?


Did your paternal grandfather Harutyun Artin Keshishian get a link with my Kaladjian family ? Name of his wife.

Sylva Keshishian

I haven’t found a link with the Kaladjian name. At least not yet. Do you have any connection with the Keshishian or Arakelian names? The latter is sometimes written Arakiloglu or Arargil.

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