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1909 in Greater Armenia, Constantinople, Giligia, Nakhichevan, Eastern Armenia, Artsakh, Baku, Tiflis and the Ottoman Empire.

Ann Phelan

Jan 29, 2023 such a lovely photo..My grandmother lived there and was born in 1909. I wish we had photos. Her past is a mystery…but I know her name , her parents names and the orphanage where she lived before being bought by my grandfather.
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Sevan Kebabci

Dec 29, 2022 i have this photo original in my house i get this photo from my granddad one of this player is my granddad’s father my photo is from 1909 Aug 10, 2023 Volkan I was looking for information about the dork team. I will write an article about Karnik Arslanyan. can you help me?a.f.c. ...
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