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Armenian organizations of Greater Armenia, Constantinople, Eastern Armenia, Artsakh, Tiflis and Diaspora.

An-su Aksoy

The second from right is Haig Berberian, (Ortaköy, Istanbul 1887- Paris 1978), scholar. I am his descendent and actually researching about his (especially early) life.
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Susan Sinanian Garabedian

These men were the founders of the LA chapter in the 50’s I think there were a few more but not pictured. Diane Zakian Rumbaugh Rouben Zambakjian is on the far right, top row. He’s my grandfather. Kalenderian Hello Diana how are you taaaaa o zaman bile kuuuuuucucuk bir ciyty olan everek ...
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Vahé Achikian

The Social Democrat Huntchakian Party (SDHP) is the second oldest Armenian political party, founded in 1887 by a group of college students in Geneva, Switzerland. Founding comrades names are: Avedis Nazarbekian, Gevork Karadjian, Ruben Khan-Azad, Kristaphor Ohanian, Mariam Vartanian, Gabriél ...
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