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Armenian villages of Greater Armenia, Giligia, Nakhichevan, Eastern Armenia, Artsakh. Villages of Armenian colonies in Europe.

Vahé Achikian

Note: this village is called Khaskoeuy or Hasköy and was situated about 20km east of Moush [Mu?] mostly Armenian-populated and the scene of savage forced deportations and massacres in Apr-May 1915.
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Sally Lazarian

Hello. I’m looking to locate the small village where my grandmother was born. I was told she was from Veri Vank (Upper Monastery), near the mountain Surpasan Vank. Is there such a place? Thank you.
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Harry S

Any Information: Zabel Samerdjian OR Zabel Semerdjian. Thank you. Peter Pap I’m interested in any information there might be of Albert or Hadji Keshishian of Oakland,CA or older relatives from Beirut, or of someone named Balian who lived at 535 Arguello Blvd. in San Francisco. Albert or Hadji ...
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My grand father was from morenig. His name was donabed donabedian he has a sister. They came in france but their father goes to usa. Have you other pictures from morenig. thank you.
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