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Donabedian families, also spelled Donabedyan or Donabetyan.


May 31, 2023 I come from the Donabedian family and we just came across this photo. I’m not sure who provided this photo or where it came from, but we would love to get in touch to know more! It looks like there are some numbers written that we can’t quite make out that maybe identify even more ...
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Srbuhi Genjoyan

Hi. My grandmother’s family name is also Donabedian (Donereng) Mushkinaz Donabedian and she was from Sebastia (Sevaz Yarasar or Yarahisar) . She had three brothers .Arshag, Hovagim and Miridjan..father’s name was Kirkor or Krikor. Her uncle’s name was Toros agha.. If you have ...
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My grand father was from morenig. His name was donabed donabedian he has a sister. They came in france but their father goes to usa. Have you other pictures from morenig. thank you.
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