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Alexandre Vladesco

Avédis Ekizian was the trustee of Surp Lusavorçyan hospital and financed the construction of the chapel of the same name in 1842.The brothers Hovhannes and Agop Spartali financed the reconstruction of this hospital which had burned down in 1845. From that moment it was run as a charity, it ...
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Edward Yazijian

My great grandfather, Mgrdich Sarian, a respected intellectual, was the headmaster of the Nersesian School in Moush. He was arrested for sedition by the Ottoman government in 1884 and forced to leave his job. I know that he died and was buried in Smyrna (Izmir) in 1901, but know little else ...
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Do you have any pictures of Hripsime Balian from Smyrna. She was a young woman with an infant son named Hagop Balian born in Smyrna in 1921?
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Susanna Omac

Hi! Are these boys part of the boy Scouts of the International College in Smyrna? ( 1914-1922 ) And have you run across my grandfather’s name, S. Ralph Harlow? Waiting your reply! Susanna
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Azad Balian

I’m also from Balian Family and like to know more about the past of my family. Thanks and hope have answer Dalibor Ballian Family is originally from small town near Ankara. They were merchants and were very rich. After they moved to Smyrna. Antoine was born 1839 in that small town near Ankara, ...
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