The Sun went down, by Avetik Isahakian

THE sun went down behind the hill,
     No light was on the lea,
The fowls and birds slept calm and still,
     But sleep came not to me.

The moon peeped in beneath the eaves,
     The Balance rose on high,
The fresh night-wind that stirred the leaves
     Spoke to the starry sky.

Ah, gentle winds and stars of light,
     Where is my love to-night ?
Ye painted eyes of heaven so bright,—
     Saw you my love to-night ?

Day dawned,unbolted was our door :—
     The snowflakes whirled like foam,
’Tis cloud and storm, the wild winds roar—
     Why comes my love not home ?

Armenian legends and poems by Zabelle C. Boyajian and Aram Raffi, London & New York, 1916.

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