Vahé Achikian

Armenian leaders of the Second Zeytun Resistance in 1896

Identification of the above Social Democrate Hunchakian comrades in Zeytoun 1895-1896:
L to R: Garabed Aghassi, Garabed Hrachia, Abah, Meléh. This photo is from winter of 1896, when these four Huntchakyan freedom fighters organised the heroic 1895-1896 defence of Zeytoun against the 20,000 Turkish troops and Tchérquéz and Turqoman bashi-bozouqs along with Zeytounlu Yenidünia Astvatzadour Pasha, Yenidünia Tchil Pasha, Yenidünia Nazareth Tchavoush, Yakoubian Megerdich Agha, Shovroghluyan Agha, Surenian Nazareth Agha, Djengaver Djellat, Panos Tchaqerian, Panos Tcholaqian, Hadji-Martiross Cham-Kechichian, Der Barthoghiméos of Firnus, Aladja Manuél of Gantchi-Aladjadjonk, Qaya Qarapèt mayor of Areqine, Qaya Mikaél of Avakenque village.

Moses Alajajian

I want to see a picture of Aladja Manuel of Cukurhisar (Ganchi Aladjadjonk). He is a forefather of our family.

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