Vahé Achikian

Tcholaqian family - Zeytun 1913

The carpenters are members of the Tcholaqian family of Yuqari Mahalle ( Verin Tagh) of Zeytoun. The one in the middle is the elder brother of Aram Bey Tcholaqian, the hero Mesrop Agha Tcholaqian of the 1895 Grand Uprising of Zeytun who also participated in the March-April 1915 resistance battle of Sourp Astvadzadzin Monastery in Tekke Mahalle of Zeytoun against the Ottoman Turkish Jandarma aggressors sent from Marash to enforce the deportation of Zeytoun’s Armenian population.

The photograph is of the Tcholaqian brothers featuring their gunworks athelier in Orta Mahallesi ( Surenian Quarter ) of Zeytoun, circa 1913. L to R : Vartevar Hodja Tcholaqian, Calouste Tcholaqian and Artin Tcholaqian.

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