Vahé Achikian

Six early Hnchaks of Zeytun

Identification of the Armenian fighters above, taken aboard Request for immediate correction: the names of the 6 Huntchakian operatives above are terribly wrong; this photo was taken in Mersine, Ottoman Cilicia on 1 April 1896 just before they boarded the French ship to Marseille:
Huntchakian Operatives who organized the 1895-1896 Zeytoun Grand Uprising were:
Top, L to R: Nichan Ghazarosian ; Meléh (Asadour Damghadjian); Garabédt Soukiassian
Bottom, L to R: Hratchia Maral ( Krikor Gharibian ); Baron Aghassi ( Garabédt Tour-Sarkissian); Abah ( Bédros Qumqumian ).

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