Vahe Achikian

Ghazaros Shovroyan at the time of the Second Zeytun Resistance

Hazor (Ghazor) Ishkhan Shovroghlian was one of the brave leaders of the 1st Zeytun Rebellion of 1862 against Aziz Pasha’s Ottoman Turkish brigade, along with Yenidünya Astvatzadour Pasha and Der Movses Khatchougentz of Zeytun. He was the Prince of Boz Bayir quarter of Zeytun, and was almost 80 years old in 1895 , according to Garabet Aghassi the Hunchakyan Armenian Operative who was one of the leaders of the Second Zeytun Uprising of 1895-1896, which makes his birth year around 1815-1816.
The mystery is that Ghazor Shovroyan does NOT look anywhere near 80 yrs old in this photograph, if it was taken in 1895-1896..

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