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Ghazaros Shovroyan at the time of the Second Zeytun Resistance

Hazor (Ghazor) Ishkhan Shovroghlian was one of the brave leaders of the 1st Zeytun Rebellion of 1862 against Aziz Pasha’s Ottoman Turkish brigade, along with Yenidünya Astvatzadour Pasha and Der Movses Khatchougentz of Zeytun. He was the Prince of Boz Bayir quarter of Zeytun, and was almost 80 years old in 1895 , according to Garabet Aghassi the Hunchakyan Armenian Operative who was one of the leaders of the Second Zeytun Uprising of 1895-1896, which makes his birth year around 1815-1816.
The mystery is that Ghazor Shovroyan does NOT look anywhere near 80 yrs old in this photograph, if it was taken in 1895-1896..

Ghazaros (Ghazor) Agha Shorvoghluyan was born in Zeytoun 1820, died in Zeitoun 26 JUN 1896. He was the Ishkhanabet of Zeytoun from 1860 till 1865 and the prince of the Boz Bayir quarter, and was the only survivor of the 4 traditional princes of Zeytoun during the 1895 Grand Uprising of Zeytoun- these four traditional princes were the leaders of the first Zeytoun Uprising of AUG 1862 against the brigade soldiers of Aziz Pasha and the Tcherqez/Turkmen hordes prior to 1865 which included Nazaréth Agha Sourenian 1804-1874 of the Orta Mahallési (or Sourenian / Sourp Astvadzatsin taghamas), Meqertitch Agha Yaqoubian 1815-1872 of the Qarghalar Mahallési / Ashaghi Mahallési quarter (or Yaqoubian/Sourp Sarkis taghamas) and Yénidünya Astvadzadour Pasha 1816-1871 of the Yuqari Mahallési ( or Yénidünya Vérine tagh / Sourp Lousavoritch taghamas); Nestor Ghazor Shorvoghluyan was the son of Boz Bayir ishkhan of Zeytoun, Mahdesi Hovhannés Shorvoghluyan 1797-1859 and the grandson of the patriarch prince of the Shorvoghluyan clan of Boz Bayir quarter of Zeytoun, Hadji Sahak Shorvoghluyan 1776-1834. He died without a male son heir to lead the Boz Bayir quarter, but had a nephew by the name of Panos Agha Shorvoghluyan 1848-1915 – the grandfather of Aram Shorvoghluyan 1902-1978, who was the last born-in-Zeytoun surviving descendant of he Shorvoghluyan clan. Aram Shorvoghluyan’s descendants are now in Lebanon and in California, USA.

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