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Vahe Achikian

Der Barthoghimeos ( Piskopos Partogimyos in Turkish ) was the the Armenian “Aratchnort Hayr” of Firnus 1880’s through 1899. He valiantly participated in the 2nd Zeytun Uprising of 1895-1896 and fought side-by-side with Social Democrat Hunchakyan militant Armenian, Abah. Der Barthoghimeos had about 200 Firnuz Armenian fighters in his platoon in 1895-1896, mentioned by Baron Garapet Aghassi in his book “Zeïtoun: Depuis les origines jusqu’à l’insurrection de 1895”, published in Paris June 1897. Firnuz is South West of Zeytun, about 30 minute ride by automobile downhill.