Hamshentsi Hacer from Samsun

Hamshentsi Hacer from Samsun

Hamshentsi Hacer from Samsun.

“I am looking for my lost Hemshin Armenian family members, from Erzincan/Artvin/Samsun Anatolia. Two of my granny’s were orphans 1915-48 (Hacer and Serife). I am not sure if these names are their real names. I am related to Varoujan Terzian/ Nubar Terzyan/ Lev Kalustov. Who was Mehmet Cetinel, his sister or mother Hamide? He died in 1926, was he a bad guy? They moved to Bursa.

Hacer from Samsun Anatolia. Her first husbands name was Emin Cetinel (could she be from Dersim?). She remarried, name changed into Duman. She spoke Gueruecu/Georgian/Armenian language. Her father was Armenian.”

Sibel Balkan Cetinel Private Coll.

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