How can I send my Armenian photo?

Go to The Contact page. Fill in your details in the Contact Form. Select “Add Files“. Then navigate to the file you want to attach. After making your selection, click on “Open“. Do not do any other operations while the file is attaching. Do not click on the red cross. That would delete the file. After the wait is over, the name of the attached file appears in the white space at the bottom of the Form Box. That completes the process. Click on “Send Form” to send your e-mail. If your picture is not uploaded to our website, it means that picture wasn’t attached to your Form.

I can’t upload images to Ovenk

To ensure you can upload images please follow our guidelines:

  1. Send an approved file format (jpg, jpeg, png or tiff)
  2. File is less than 10MB

I sent several digital photos to OVENK but I can see only one of them on the website. What happened?

Please check that every image has been attached to your message before sending the email.

Are the pictures in high resolution?

To simplify the use of the website, we are showing pictures in low resolution. If you are looking for higher resolution version of a specific picture, please note that we will ask for a donation to help us pursue our work. Please note that quality of the displayed pictures may vary depending on the quality of the original source.

Who uploaded that picture?

92% of the pictures displayed on OVENK.COM come from the Armenian Memory Institute (AMI) collection and digitalization. Pictures on OVENK.COM that come from the Armenian Memory Institute collection are tagged “AMI Collection”, whereas those from contributors are tagged with the name of these contributors.

How can I share my question with other OVENK users?

  1. Go to the picture portraying your ancestor or showing your family name or birthplace.
  2. Under the picture, write your question and select the “Notify” option, fill all the required fields, then click on “Post comment“.

It is the Ovenk users, not us, that will increase your chance of getting answers.

The pictures on the start page flicker for a moment when I place the mouse cursor on them

This may occur with the Mozilla Firefox browser. Go to Tools > Options > Advanced > General and then uncheck “Use hardware acceleration when available”.

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