Dance Song

“I HAVE loved your winsome face,And your never-fading grace.If they give you not to meMay God send them black disgrace !” “Mountain sorrel, fresh with dew,Sweets I send and honey new ;Is a dainty maid like meFit to wed a youth like you ?” “You are arch, my little ...
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Spring, by Mgrdich Beshigtashlian

(1829-1868) O LITTLE breeze, how fresh and sweetThou blowest in the morning air !Upon the flowers caressingly,And on the gentle maiden’s hair.But not my country’s breath thou art :Blow elsewhere, come not near my heart ! O little bird among the trees,The sweetness of thy joyful ...
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The founding of Pazmashen

I take to write about the history of Pazmashen, presenting the conduct of our past forefathers, their civilization, intelligence, production, conscientiousness, and charity, also their good habits that have been generous, and offered faithful service for nation and fatherland. From wherever ...
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