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Richelle Noroyan

This might be my grandfather’s uncle that I’ve only heard about from my father, Hugo Noroyan. I think this is the uncle that took custody of my grandfather Hrant Noroyan. Hrant survived the Genocide with his brother, but everyone else he knew was murdered. He found his uncle Dikran in ...
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Hasmig DerSarkissian/Mekjian

I think my Father MINAS DERSARKISSIAN Is one of them in this picture. He use to tell us about this day and that he was trained by Germany. and went to war as Armenian FEDAYI and became Executive Committee of Armenian Ex-Officer in the 1920.. Wow this picture gives me the goosepumps. Thank you so ...
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Do you get more information from Toros family ? I would like to know if he was a cousin of my grand mother Agavni Kaladjian born 1906 at Karpout ?
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Fran Simonian

My husband’s grandfather was Kazar Simonian from Alexandrapol or Yerevan. Born c. 1860. He married Zoira (sp?) Petrosian. Two sons I know of…Haiganoosh (Haik) and Ardash Simonian migrated to U.S. In 1921 thru Constantinople and settled in Los Angeles. Haik was born with an extra thumb on his ...
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Kathy Goetz

I have been researching to see if I could locate anyone in my grandmothers family since she was orphaned during the genocide. The woman to the right of the woman sitting down looks EXACTLY like my grandmother!!!
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