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Martha Bedrosian

I’m trying to find information on Vartan Shahbaz, his dates, his importance to Armenia during the genocide.Did he have any relatives who came to the USA in the 1920s.Thank you
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Hello! Thank you for this interesting series of pictures about Kilikia (Giligia or Cilicia). Would you recomend any specific books about the armed resistence there? Thanks!
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Hi. I’m from the Gureghian family in Brasil and trying to obtain information on family, origins, where they all ended up etc…can you help?
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Nov 6, 2023 Hello, I am looking for the name of the group or individuals. The lady sitting in the middle resembles me 99.9% and I want to search for her family. She might be very close relative of mine. Thank you.
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Vahe Bijimenian

Sept 25, 2023 Could you please tell me a little more about this family. I knew them all in Lebanon. Hagop was a photographer and had a store in the mountains. I am a bit confuse with the last name???? Arbian or Balian?
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Garine Boyajian Isassi

Sept 25, 2023 my maternal grandparents are pictured here – the man seated in the middle is my grandfather, Haroutun Voskerchian. My grandmother is seated on the right, Armenouhi Voskerchian. If anyone has more photos of them or events by the Garin Compatriotic Union in New York between 1926 and ...
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May 31, 2023 I come from the Donabedian family and we just came across this photo. I’m not sure who provided this photo or where it came from, but we would love to get in touch to know more! It looks like there are some numbers written that we can’t quite make out that maybe identify even more ...
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