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Vahé Achikian

This photo of “Siraqan” or Mouhabbetdji Christian Armenian women dates to year 1897, was photographed in Yarpuz and included many Zeytun and Firnus Armenians. Seated, far right, is one of the founders and chief sharaqan singer Yeghisabeth Lobashyan Badji, or Kouyr Yeghisabeth. She was martyred ...
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Damian Bidjimenian

My name is Damian Bidjimenian, I am from Argentina. I had relatives from Sivrihisar and I would like to know about them. The only ones I know were Hampartzoum Bidjimenian and Peniamin Bidjimenian. Any others? I see in the picture Mari Bidjimenian but can’t ration her to our tree. Any ...
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