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Vahé Achikian

Identification of the Armenian fighters above, taken aboard the French ship Marseille summer of 1896: Top, L to R: Zeytountsi Garabed Yakoubian, Huntchak Meléh, Zeytountsi Yenidünia Nishan; Bottom, L to R: Huntchak Garabed Hratchia, Huntchak Baron Garabed Aghassi, Hunchak camarade ABAH.
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Vahe Achikian

Garabed Tour-Sarkissian, Social Democrat Hunchakyan Party Operative and hero of Zeytun’s Uprising of 1895-1896, was actually referred to as “Baron Aghassi”, and he was a valiant Armenian born in 1868 in Hachin (Hajin), Cilicia. He authored a great historic book on Zeytun called “Zeitoun depuis ...
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Sally Lazarian

Hello. I’m looking to locate the small village where my grandmother was born. I was told she was from Veri Vank (Upper Monastery), near the mountain Surpasan Vank. Is there such a place? Thank you.
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S Guroklyan

Guroghlyan Gevorg Markari (cur Gevorg) Please write everything you know about this person. According to a family legend, he is a participant in the Sardarapat battle and was rewarded for courage and after the battle got his nickname Cur Gevorg
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Mrs Audrey Allfree

Hello I am looking for the Kizirian family who lived in Beirut in 1972. In particular I would like to get in touch with Valerie Kizirian. This particular family moved to Chichester, UK. Nina Airapetova I know Kirazian from Beirut moved to France but not Kizirians
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Melanie Kojoyian

Avedis Demirjian was my great uncle. His is the brother of my Grandmother Miriam Demirjian Kojoyian. He was tortured and murdered by Turks in front of my Grandmother and my Great Grandmother. He was a hero.
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