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Damian Bidjimenian

Sept 15, 2022 My name is Damian Bidjimenian, I am from Argentina. I had relatives from Sivrihisar and I would like to know about them. The only ones I know were Hampartzoum Bidjimenian and Peniamin Bidjimenian. Any others? I see in the picture Mari Bidjimenian but can’t ration her to our tree. ...
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Richard Asadorian

This is my great grandfather who served as a pharmacist for the British government. His first wife “Aghaniv” died young of pneumonia hiding from the Turks and great grandfather Levon escape with his daughter Perooz. He later remarried “Dikranouhi” had four more children (Mannig, Zabel, Nishan ...
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Alexandre Vladesco

Avédis Ekizian was the trustee of Surp Lusavorçyan hospital and financed the construction of the chapel of the same name in 1842.The brothers Hovhannes and Agop Spartali financed the reconstruction of this hospital which had burned down in 1845. From that moment it was run as a charity, it ...
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Armond Kaloust

is this my great grandfather? mine was a tobacco broker in Cairo and Istanbul, built the Armenian school in Cairo, had a brother in business with him and was married to a French woman. Any info would be greatly appreciated Thank You
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Je souhaiterais connaître le lieu de naissance de la mère de ma soeur Youghaper Balékian née le 1er Décembre 1905 à Palou ou Palon en Asie Mineure, Turquie.Merci de votre Attention.Bien cordialement.Alain
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