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Armenian orphanages.

Kimberly Francev

My sister and I are looking for any information about Arshaluis and Zakar Beykozian, our grandmother and great uncle, who were orphans in Tbrotsaser and Uskudar Orphanages in 1919. Their parents were Kenovape (or Kenovare) and Yervant Beykozian of Constantinople. We would appreciate any ...
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Grace Nazarian

My mother-in-law lived in Erzerum and started on the march with her cousins. They were separated near a fork in the road. She was all alone at this time she ran into a village when darkness came. Her name was Shushanig Gulessian, and I found her on the list of orphans from the Gomidas Institute. ...
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Vahé Achikian

The photo is of Armenian girls’ Yetimhane ( orphanage ) of Adana’s Armenian quarter circa 1909-1910. It was funded mostly by Boghos Noubar Pasha of AGBU ( Haykakan Parekordzagan Entehanour Miyoutyoun ) to shelter, nourish and educate the orphaned Armenian children after the Adana tragic ...
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Hi there, would like to know if the building is still existing today? If still existing, what is the location on Syra Island?Thanks for your help! Jack Tainsh Hi I would like to know also about the orphanage in Syra Greece because my mother of Armenian Origin was send there, she was originally ...
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