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Vahé Achikian

This photo of Zeytoun is taken in Decembre 1906 by Hugo Grothe – published in his book in 1909, Leipzig:” Geographische Charakterbilder von der Türkei und Vorderasien.” The high-perched fortress-mansion featured as the central piece of the photo was called Zeytun Qalesi or “Ihtiyor Surenoglu ...
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Vahe Achikian

Zeytun Ermeni Qalesi is what was referred to this fortified mansion atop the craggy hillock overlooking Zeytun town. It was built by an Armenian priest-architect by the name of Der Emmanuel in 1815, and was the residence of the Sourenian clan of Nazareth Agha Surenyan 1870’s through 1904. The ...
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