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Apr 19, 2023 Who are the names of people and did they survive the genocide? I see the spelling of the last name is different, which is not uncommon with Americans attempts at translating) I have seen it also spelled Bogosian. Regardless, my family are Boghosian’s from Keorpe… a small village ...
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Je souhaiterais connaître le lieu de naissance de la mère de ma soeur Youghaper Balékian née le 1er Décembre 1905 à Palou ou Palon en Asie Mineure, Turquie.Merci de votre Attention.Bien cordialement.Alain
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Yeranui Kaloyan

My grandfather`s mother maiden surname was Aslanian. My grandfather was born in the Kharpert province, and his name was Sarkis Kaloyan, and came to Mexico in 1924. He lived about a year, before coming to Mexico, in Lyon, France with his maternal family.I did an ancestry test, and found out that ...
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