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Mush (or Moush) is located in the Armenian Highlands.

Vahé Achikian

Note: this village is called Khaskoeuy or Hasköy and was situated about 20km east of Moush [Mu?] mostly Armenian-populated and the scene of savage forced deportations and massacres in Apr-May 1915.
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Edward Yazijian

My great grandfather, Mgrdich Sarian, a respected intellectual, was the headmaster of the Nersesian School in Moush. He was arrested for sedition by the Ottoman government in 1884 and forced to leave his job. I know that he died and was buried in Smyrna (Izmir) in 1901, but know little else ...
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Haroot Matosian

Parev tsez: Do you have any main door pics of Soorb Garabed of Moosh Hourig Tcheurekdjian Lately I read in a paper or on the internet about the door of Sourp Garabed monastery but i don’t remember where. Does anybody know about this article which explained how it was found and relocated?
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