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Damian Bidjimenian

Sept 15, 2022 My name is Damian Bidjimenian, I am from Argentina. I had relatives from Sivrihisar and I would like to know about them. The only ones I know were Hampartzoum Bidjimenian and Peniamin Bidjimenian. Any others? I see in the picture Mari Bidjimenian but can’t ration her to our tree. ...
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Haig Avedikian

So happy to find this.. its my granparents .. megerdich haji avedikian born in sivrihisar 1915 .. Alice meneshian born in 1918 anteb .. my dad sarkis haji avedikian born in lebanon 1956
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Art Djamgotzian

Hello Who is the Architect of this clock tower was it a part of church maybe the bell tower originally? Thanks, Maciejak It was built in the year 1650 but set under fire in 1876. In 1881, the Holy Trinity Church was rebuilt by the architect Mintes Panoyat under patriarch Nerses II.
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Yervand Gasparyan

this is my grandfather and my uncle Shoghik Gasparyan Hello! This is my great-grandfather. My dad is named after the son and my uncle is named after the father, his grandfather. If it is possible could we please get in contact to see if you have more pictures of my family. Thank you very much!
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