Sylva Keshishian

Garabed Kapigian remarried Azniv Norarevian after losing his family during the genocide

July 1, 2023

Hello Sona,
My great-grandmother’s name was Azniv, and after she married her surname became Kapikyan. We don’t know her maiden name. Azniv and her husband _____ Kapikyan had two sons: Hovannes, who moved to France and married a French woman, and Ardavast, who married my grandmother, Aghavni Tertsakian and lived in Istanbul until his death in 1970. I don’t know what the first name was of Azniv’s husband, but i think he was from Bitlis, and the family surname used to be Kaprielyan before it was changed to Kapikyan. I was guessing his first name was Artin because my grandfather Ardavast Kapikyan named his son Harutyun (Artin) Kapikyan. But what if I’m wrong and it was Garabed? This raises an interesting question: what if you and I are related? Would love to hear your thoughts.

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