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Armenian fedayeen were Armenian civilians who formed self-defense groups in reaction to the mass murder of Armenians (1894-1896) during the reign of the Ottoman Sultan Abdul Hamid II.

Vahé Achikian

Sarkis Gougounian was one of the heroes of the “Khanasor Arshavank” or The Khanasor invasion that took place in the 1890’s against the Mazrik tribe of Kurds who had massacred scores of local Armenians in the Tarone-Tourouperan province.
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Does anyone know the name of the friend? She bears a striking resemblance to members of my family! Vahé Achikian Actually, the warrior woman on the left with curly black hair, and a revolver in her belt, is Eghisabeth Sultanian of Zeytun, 1874-1948. She immigrated to the United States ( ...
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Vahe Achikian

The photo is of the Great Defender of Dalvorik valley Armenians around Mush, Serop Aghpouïre Pasha: he was the son of a noble well-to-do family, but because of his patriotic & idealistic conviction, he chose to take up arms to defend Mush Armenians from the wild Hamidiye Kurds and Turks who ...
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Pierre Balanian

The two in the middle are left Aram Manoukian and right Ishkhan who was assasinated at the night between the 3rd and 4th of April 1915 while heading to establish peace in Chadakh. He was asked to go by the governor of Van Jevdet, of an albanian father and kurdish mother,brother in law of Enver ...
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