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Armenian names.

Connie Chavooshian Muradyan

Hi, Is there further information on this photograph? Year? Thanks! Lusine Chavushyan Hi, did you find some information on this picture? I think I may be related with the people on the picture Lolita Hi, This family from Artvin lived in Russia. On the right is my great-grandmother’s sister, ...
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Vahé Achikian

Identification of the Armenian fighters above, taken aboard the French ship Marseille summer of 1896: Top, L to R: Zeytountsi Garabed Yakoubian, Huntchak Meléh, Zeytountsi Yenidünia Nishan; Bottom, L to R: Huntchak Garabed Hratchia, Huntchak Baron Garabed Aghassi, Hunchak camarade ABAH.
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Vahe Achikian

Garabed Tour-Sarkissian, Social Democrat Hunchakyan Party Operative and hero of Zeytun’s Uprising of 1895-1896, was actually referred to as “Baron Aghassi”, and he was a valiant Armenian born in 1868 in Hachin (Hajin), Cilicia. He authored a great historic book on Zeytun called “Zeitoun depuis ...
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