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Ourfa (Urfa, Edessa) was located in a vassal kingdom of Tigranes II the Great, in the Armenian Empire ruled by Tigranes the Great of the Artashesian (or Artaxiad) dynasty.

Ara Kiledjian

Any more info on Arshag Kiledjian? We are Kiledjian’s and my grandfather (Minas) was born in Ourfa. My great grandfather and great grandmother were from Ourfa as well (Stepanos “Panos” & Vartuhi Kiledjian”.
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Lena Kiledjian

hello, my grand grandfather’s name is Arshag Kilejian, i am from Urfa but dont have my big families history. Can someone who posted this photo give me some infos if he has. Thank you
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Arivian / Arevian

I have got a document from my grandfather, where the name of Hatoum Ktendjian appears, showing she was born in Ourfa. The civil attestation is showing that she is my grand-grand mother, because she married the father of my grand father AREVIAN Ohannes. Their son was named ARIVIAN Agop, born ...
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Levon Parian

The book, Crows of the Desert has been made into a feature length documentary film and has been nominated by the ARPA International Film Festival as Best Documentary Film for the 2016 season. Directed by Emmy Award winning filmmaker Marta Houske, the film will have its world premier on Saturday, ...
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She was also a fedayee, who was shot and jailed by the Turks, and later escaped. She emigrated to Whitinsville, Massachusetts and married someone by the name of Ampagoomian.
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