Zeytun – 1909

Zeytun – 1909

Zeytun in 1909. The Armenian city of Zeytun (Ulnia), located in the Taurus Mountains, was part of the Kingdom of Giligian (Kilikian) Armenia.

Closest cities are Hajen (Hargan in Western Armenian), Sis, Frnuz, Marash (Kermanig), Ayntab, Malatia, Gurin (Kurin), Tomarza and Kesaria.

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This historic panoramic photo of Zeytoun was taken by an Armenian photographer from Aintep, named Kéghouni , c. 1909. Indeed it has been published in many Armenian-authored historical books about Zeytoun, such as “Zeytouni Batmakirque”, 1960, published by the Compatriotic Union of Zeytoun in Buénos Aires, Argentina.