Houses in Zeytun

Houses in Zeytun

Houses in Zeytun. The Armenian city of Zeytun (Ulnia), located in the Taurus Mountains, was part of the Kingdom of Giligian (Kilikian) Armenia.

AMI collection.

Closest cities are Hajen (Hargan in Western Armenian), Sis, Frnuz, Marash (Kermanig), Ayntab, Malatia, Gurin (Kurin), Tomarza and Kesaria.

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Vahe Achikian

Zeytun Ermeni Qalesi is what was referred to this fortified mansion atop the craggy hillock overlooking Zeytun town. It was built by an Armenian priest-architect by the name of Der Emmanuel in 1815, and was the residence of the Sourenian clan of Nazareth Agha Surenyan 1870’s through 1904. The Surenoglu Qale collapsed during a Cilician earthquake in the 1930’s and the Turks never rebuilt it. It is bare land and trees now on top of the craggy hill with a few stone remnants of the old fortified mansion remaining there in 2016.