Aramian college of Sebastia (Sevaz) – 1910

Aramian college of Sebastia (Sevaz) – 1910

Aramian college of Sebastia (Sevaz) in 1910.

1st rank, from left to right : Krikor Giragosian, Nshan Avak, Garabed Kapigian, Hagop Paloutsian, Shavarsh Vartabed Sahagian, Daniel Varoujan, Khatchadur Grdodian, Nshan Khorigian, Levon Azarian.

2nd r. : Mgrditch Tchaderdjian, Harutiun Saraydarian, Hagop Yerganian, Dikran Poladian, Hagop Tchekemian, Arakel Badriarkian (Badrig), Armenag Tchukaszian.

3d r. : Khor. Bedegjian, Yer. Apkarian, Diran Mazmanian, Levon Minasian, Arm. Godoshian.

AMI collection.

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One of Varoujan’s students, Arakel Badrig has given us a delightful description of the Chebukkerian home (Varoujan’s original family name), in 1912, when he was a teacher at the Aramian Academy in Sebastia.

“After we completed our graduation ceremony, Varoujan congratulated us, saying: ‘Tomorrow, you’re all invited to come dine at our house in Perkenik.’

After passing outside the city limits we soon found ourselves between two oceans of tall amber-colored waves of grain. From time to time we encountered Perkeniktsees, some on foot and others mounted, and exchanged greetings and good-natured banter. They were keen in their replies and their witty wise-cracks delighted us no end. We were still youngsters just on the threshold of life and everything delighted us […]”