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Armenian last names (family names) bear the suffix -ian, -iants, -ants,
-iantz, -yan, -ents, -entz, -ontz or -ouni.

The difficulty of the host countries in understanding the Armenian sounds may have caused changes to the Armenian last names. The spoliation of properties and destruction of documents during the Armenian Genocide may have caused the alteration or the loss of the Armenian last name.

Knirig Torikian son

Hi my mother told me that her mothers was Kaloustian before she was married to a Torikian, I wonder if we are related. Diana Bantel I don’t recognize any of the faces, but then I would never have seen those relatives. The older lady holding the young boy in front of her, does bear a strong ...
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Ara Kiledjian

Any more info on Arshag Kiledjian? We are Kiledjian’s and my grandfather (Minas) was born in Ourfa. My great grandfather and great grandmother were from Ourfa as well (Stepanos “Panos” & Vartuhi Kiledjian”.
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Richelle Noroyan

This might be my grandfather’s uncle that I’ve only heard about from my father, Hugo Noroyan. I think this is the uncle that took custody of my grandfather Hrant Noroyan. Hrant survived the Genocide with his brother, but everyone else he knew was murdered. He found his uncle Dikran in ...
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Fran Simonian

My husband’s grandfather was Kazar Simonian from Alexandrapol or Yerevan. Born c. 1860. He married Zoira (sp?) Petrosian. Two sons I know of…Haiganoosh (Haik) and Ardash Simonian migrated to U.S. In 1921 thru Constantinople and settled in Los Angeles. Haik was born with an extra thumb on his ...
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