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Armenian last names (family names) bear the suffix -ian, -iants, -ants,
-iantz, -yan, -ents, -entz, -ontz or -ouni.

The difficulty of the host countries in understanding the Armenian sounds may have caused changes to the Armenian last names. The spoliation of properties and destruction of documents during the Armenian Genocide may have caused the alteration or the loss of the Armenian last name.

Lisa (Assadourian) Sampson

March 5, 2019 Good morning, Do you have any records of Malkon and Mariam (Yeryaian) Assadourian ? They migrated from the Armenian Genocide to Marseilles, France. Thank you March 17, 2024 Richard Asadorian This is a photograph of most of my family from Malatia (including my grandfather Stephen). ...
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Arden T

Hello, anybody related to Vartanush Akinian Mimidyan? Lolita Yes, She is my grandfather’s cousin’s daughter. Arden T It’s amazing to find this picture at first hand and also to find somebody related to her. She’s my father’s grandmother. Any chance I can contact you to discuss further about the ...
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Connie Chavooshian Muradyan

Hi, Is there further information on this photograph? Year? Thanks! Lusine Chavushyan Hi, did you find some information on this picture? I think I may be related with the people on the picture Lolita Hi, This family from Artvin lived in Russia. On the right is my great-grandmother’s sister, ...
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Vahé Achikian

Identification of the Armenian fighters above, taken aboard Request for immediate correction: the names of the 6 Huntchakian operatives above are terribly wrong; this photo was taken in Mersine, Ottoman Cilicia on 1 April 1896 just before they boarded the French ship to Marseille:Huntchakian ...
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Vahe Achikian

CORRECTION: The above photo is of Huntchaq camarade Meléh, a comrade of Baron Aghassi (Garabeth Tour-Sarkissian) who was one of the 6 Huntchaqian operatives that organised and participated in the Grand Uprising of Zeitoun, 1895-1896. Meléh was martyred in Jan 1896 in a raid on the turkish ...
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Mrs Audrey Allfree

Hello I am looking for the Kizirian family who lived in Beirut in 1972. In particular I would like to get in touch with Valerie Kizirian. This particular family moved to Chichester, UK. Nina Airapetova I know Kirazian from Beirut moved to France but not Kizirians
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