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Armenian last names (family names) bear the suffix -ian, -iants, -ants, -iantz, ents, entz, ontz or -ouni.

The difficulty of the host countries in understanding the Armenian sounds may have caused changes to the Armenian last names. The spoliation of properties and destruction of documents during the Armenian Genocide may have caused the alteration or the loss of the Armenian last name.

Lisa Manookian

Hampartsum Khedeshian was my grandmother’s uncle. Is there any other information on him or anyone with the last name of Khedeshian. Tamar Hello my name is tamar khedeshian,my grand father is Kaloust. We live in Lebanon.very small family,the descendants of Kaloust,and kevor(his older ...
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Janet Gedigian

Can anyone tell me who contributed this photograph? Where and when was it taken? Where were the people in the photo from? Where are descendants now? My Gedigian ancestors were from Shar and Hadjin, Turkey. Our Family is in California, but I know of other Gedigian families as well with various ...
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Victoria Butler-Sloss

Hi and thank you for this. have written a book in which Mgrdich appears in a chapter. however, I have some family member names as different. I have his brothers named as Kevork, Hovannes, Sarkis, Nerses (and maybe Levon, although he is not in story). I also have his sister as Mariam and his wife ...
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Peter Magian

I would like to connect with you about the Kapamadjian family. Please email me at kapamadjian.family@gmail.com My name is Peter Magian. I also have a family tree at Tribalpages.com Regards Peter Teresa I don’t know but could you write your last name in armenian? My last name is KURTUKIAN.
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